05 January, 2012

Get Free Mobile Recharge By Way 2 SMS In India

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There's always a small hope in our mind to get something for free and if we get it, that smile which it brings on our face is unique. Today i am sharing with you a legal trick by which you can easily get free mobile recharges. As you know that Way2SMS is a free service in India which allows you to send free text messages to individuals and to a group of people. They have enabled the 'Revolutionary Free Recharge Feature' on our accounts which now allows you to get free recharges for your mobile.

Way2SMS Says that :

2006 - Way2SMS asked "Why can't personal SMSing be FREE?"
2012 - Again Way2SMS questions "Why can't mobile recharge be FREE?

Now they provide two ways to get free recharges, you have to pay nothing but just share some of their stuff on your social profiles or by email :
  1. Way2SMS Share To Win : They'll provide you with Social Ads which you'll have to share on your social profiles like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You get paid for every unique visitor you drive to advertiser's website. For more info,  Check This : Way2SMS Share To WIn.
  2. Way2SMS Email To Win : It works like the previous method, in this method you just have to email the ads they provide to your Gmail or Yahoo contacts. You get paid for every unique visitor on advertiser's website. For more info, Check This : Way2SMS Email To Win.
Note : You are allowed to share 2 Social Ads per day and 1 Email Ad per day. And you can start recharging with minimum amount of Rs.10.

Nice way i should say, will try soon, as for now i have enough balance. Everybody loves free stuff. Nothing is bad in sharing ads with your friends, but it shouldn't annoy them. So give it a try and let me know how much is your recharge worth ? Thanks for your patience, i hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to share and comment, your views are always appreciated.


  1. Amazing Dude!.I am going to try it out

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  3. Oh that's great, congrats and enjoy!

  4. Wow, that's great, good going, Grab some more free recharges through this service.

  5. Way2sms is a great free sms service indeed but sometimes Way2sms login problem is really disgusting.

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  7. Hey very informative post and also way2sms is very good for free sms and also suggest best online mobile recharge site list

  8. That was really lovely part of way2sms, but now it has been stopped by way2sms.com

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